MOT Salisbury

At M&M Auto Engineers of Salisbury, our expert MOT team will carry out a thorough inspection of your vehicle to ensure it is in a roadworthy condition at the time of the test, in compliance with the Ministry of transport. All cars are due an MOT test 3 years after they were first registered (you will find this date on your V5 document), then every year after.

Looking for a reliable MOT test centre? We can help with that ! M&M Autos Workshop operate an expert MOT test by appointment in the Salisbury area. You can sit in our comfortable waiting area and watch your test being carried out.

We are authorised by the DVSA  to test class 4 vehicles. We can MOT test anything from a Mini to a Rolls Royce (and everything in between).

We have a strict un-biased approach to MOT testing vehicles. We want you to pass ! Should you wish us to repair your vehicle, we are pleased to say that all work is carried out by our expert team of friendly mechanics.

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whats involved with your MOT

The mechanic will typically work through a standard checklist that includes your:

  • Vehicle identification number (VIN)

MOT tests will check the Vehicle Identification Number or VIN is visibly displayed on the vehicle. The VIN is essentially a unique serial number that's stamped into the inside of the vehicle.

  • Registration plate

The mechanic running through the MOT will check the registration plate to make sure it meets currents regulations. This includes the spacing and lettering but also the condition and stability of the license plate.

  • Lights

The MOT will run through a set list of checks including the colour, condition, safety and aim of your car lights.

  • Steering and suspension

The person conducting the MOT will check that the steering and suspension is operating normally and that both are in good condition.

  • Wipers and washers

The MOT tester also checks that the wipers and washers give the driver a clear view through the windscreen.

  • Windscreen

The tester will check to make sure the windscreen is free of any damage such as cracks or chips. If the damage exceeds 10mm within the driver’s line of site this will be considered dangerous and will have to be changed.

  • Horn

During the MOT, the tester will check that the horn is functioning normally.

  • Seat belts and seats

The MOT will check the condition of the vehicle’s front seats for their safety. The seatbelts are also checked over for their condition and safety.

  • Doors

The tester will check the functionality of the doors to make sure they open and close correctly and are secure when closed.

  • Mirrors

The vehicle’s wing mirrors will be checked during the test to see if they’re in good, working condition.

  • Wheels and tyres

The condition of wheels and tyres are a hot topic at the moment in terms of public awareness. They’ll be checked for condition and security but also tread depth to make sure they’re not too worn to the point of being dangerous.

  • Brakes

The MOT tester will check the condition of the brakes to make sure they’re functioning normally and safely.

  • Fuel system

During an MOT test, the fuel system will be checked for leaks to make sure it’s functioning properly.

  • Exhaust system

The condition of the exhaust will be checked for leaks that may be considered not safe.

  • Vehicle emissions

The MOT tester will check that the vehicle’s emissions fall within safety guidelines.

What if your car fails its MOT?

If the inspection picks up a problem related to any of the listed things that's classed as 'major' or 'dangerous', your car will fail the test. You’ll receive a VT30 certificate outlining the reasons for the failure.

You’ll then have to fix these and take your car for another MOT. This time around, the test can be partial to cover only the faults discovered during the first test.

Depending on what needs fixing, There is no retest fee at M&M Autos.

However, if you want to take it elsewhere, the car will have to be fixed within 10 days.

The test can also identify other, less immediate problems. The mechanic may include some ‘minor faults’ on your certificate. These are problems which aren’t yet serious enough to cause your car to fail its MOT. For example, your tyres may be worn, although not yet below the legal limit.

However, these problems should be addressed sooner rather than later, as they may worsen. If unattended, these may cause you to fail your MOT the following year, or become dangerous.